As we have stressed over and over, it is not just enough to create a sample library, but it is important to choose a platform that is conducive to the sound. Our choice to use UVI for this library was very clear and it had a lot to do with the effects.

One of the most underrated effects that MachFive/UVI possesses is the Ensemble 505™. Ensemble 505 is deeply inspired by the ensemble circuit found on the Roland Paraphonic RS-505. Through examination of circuit schematics and measurements taken on a working unit, the specific behavior of the BBD delay lines, modulator shapes, and signal path found in the original have all been faithfully reproduced. The result is a very smooth and “analog-ish” ensemble effect that can be used with a wide variety of sounds, from raw synth waveforms to voices, choirs and even drum loops.

The most important thing is that it sounds very similar to the Roland Dimension D, which was the same effect used in the Chorusing of the famous MKS-20 piano module. So let’s make it very clear: Not only do you get the miraculous sounds of the 80s EPs, but yes you get a very close emulation of the Dimension D, which is the #1 Chorus for any EP