1. 01 Single Presets are the standalone electric piano sounds without the ability to combine and stack all four elements. This section was designed to be low on CPU/RAM and a quick way to run through the patches.

  2. 02 Full Stacked Presets are fully stacked and layered presets. These presets take up more RAM so be careful to monitor RAM. The reason being is that our script is loading the entire 20GB and streamed. This allows you to mix and match any category and use all 4 elements, so you can use FM TiNES like a real synth.

  3. 03 Combis are the UVI Multis which allow you to stack several parts. These give you the same detail and fullness as the Full Stacked Presets, but not with the same RAM overhead. Think of a TX816 rack!

  4. 04 Templates are raw template files in which to begin your programming with if you are a tweaker and a programmer

Main Category - 148 Patches Total / 75 Distinct Sounds

01 Single EP Presets

02 Full Stacked Presets

  1. FULL BIG - Over 20GB of every single category and sound to be mixed and matched per the four elements. This preset takes about 2GB of RAM, so please use judiciously.

  2. EP Essentials - These are all of the the essential EPs used to make the most popular and best sounding EPs. We didn’t clutter the RAM with bells or other stuff you don’t want--Just the Essential building block for a nice patch.

  3. Pre-Made Programming - This template has some pre-programmed Chorus, Reverb, AMP settings and effects, so you can get going fast with making a patch. All you would need to do is experiment with changing the elements and you should be able to come up with something pretty quick.

  4. VIP EPs - This template only has the presets from the VIP Expression and some other favorites. The purpose of this preset is so that you can stack the VIP EPs and detune them like a real TX816.

  5. Small Low RAM - This preset is similar to the essentials, but trimmed down even more for just making a quick preset with choices. This is low in RAM

Note: You can always use the built in Multi/Comi feature in UVI to be able to stack different parts. This will allow you to save on RAM and give you the expression you need.

04 Templates - Full Stacked

03 Multis/Combis