FM Electric Piano Sounds of the 80’s and 90’s

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During the time of the DX7, there were a few other keyboards that contained some amazing DX7 electric piano-like sounds. One of those being the Roland D-50. The Roland D-50 possessed some good FM style electric pianos, but what it was really know for were it’s amazing bells. And who could forget the classic Korg O1/W with the classic Dyno EP. This was an FM type of sound that had a crystal type of sustain noise that sounded angelic. Let’s not forget the Roland JD800 Crystal EP as well.

What many people do not realize is that the grandfather to all of these crystal, dyno, and bell noises was the Yamaha DX7. So why not go to the source? So what we did was hire some awesome programmers as well as license some actual DX7 type of samples that could mimic those sounds. So not only did we mimic those classic D-50 bell tones and the classic O1/W dyno, we used an actual DX7 (converted to the SY99) to do it.

So all of your classic sounds are here waiting for you to enjoy. This is why this is the most extensive FM Electric Piano library ever made!