You can’t really correctly reproduce that creamy, syrupy, crystal sound of an FM Tine without having the correct Reverb. Fortunately for us, the UVI Workstation/MachFive has one of the best reverbs ever created.

SparkVerb™ by UVI has hit the market and is touted as one of the best reverbs ever created. This is why we say you get a plugin within a plugin. Not only do you get the beautiful sounds of the 80’s and all of it’s DX7 EP goodness, but you get a high quality reverb in which to run the samples through. Unlike other workstations, where the reverb is an afterthought, our library gives you the reverb as a feature, meaning it’s a part of the package. When you purchase FM TiNES you get the SparkVerb with it. This is what sets FM TiNES apart from other libraries. When you hear the sounds of the electric pianos and layers, be sure to pay close attention to the reverb. You will notice that it has a “syrupy” kind of buttery effect that sounds absolutely amazing when you combine the clarity of the EPs with all of the other effects and modulations

Easily traverse everything from natural sounding spaces to infinite, shimmering  ambiences with stunning depth and fidelity throughout the entire spectrum. This type of range typically implies a dense and complex interface - not in Sparkverb™.

Usability and workflow were pivotal considerations in development. A great deal of care was taken to allow a high degree of customization with the fewest controls possible, resulting in less time spent fidgeting and more time being productive.

At the core of Sparkverb’s interface is a frequency-based spectrum editor; use it to sculpt and refine your sound with phenomenal speed and control. Adjust decay globally and across multiple bands with hi/lo multipliers and crossovers directly on a single canvas. It’s an entirely new way to work with reverb. All other controls are clearly arranged and labelled, including A/B comparison, making fine-tuning a painless process. Dialing in a reverb, simple or complex, has never been this fast.


Enormous sonic range, fast and efficient workflow

SparkVerb™ Demo
This demo shows what SparkVerb™ is capable of. SparkVerb™ is a standalone VST to be used in your effects chain of your DAW, but originally it came built into the MachFive 3 as an effects chain for your sound libraries. SparkVerb™ comes built into FM TiNES to be used as you wish. Furthermore ALL of the presets (except for the Vocal presets) are included with the library.